Auctioning Off Wisdom Teeth: How Much Money Can you Make?

It has been discussed before on this site how in some cases it may be beneficial to save your wisdom teeth if you have any of them extracted. Many companies offer the option to have your wisdom teeth stem cells cryogenically preserved for a fee. This has been discussed in the post Storing Wisdom Teeth Stem Cells. Companies such as Stemodontics have technicians crack open a tooth, remove the pulp, and then remove the stem cells. Patients are willing to pay such companies a fee based on the hope that these stem cells one day can be used to to help with dental and bone repair although this is not currently a process that can be utilized. However there may also be a different reason to save wisdom teeth: just plain money. A wisdom tooth of Edward VIII, the former late … Read more

Storing Wisdom Teeth Stem Cells

In recent years there have been articles discussing harvesting stem cells located in wisdom teeth with the hope that one day they could be used to heal damaged cells in the body. Nowadays some oral surgeons will offer patients the option after extracting their wisdom teeth to bank dental stem cells. There are a few extra steps to preserve stem cells from wisdom during surgery. All one has to do is to put the teeth into a packaging kit and then send them off for processing using a shipping service like FedEx, UPS, or USPS. It makes it easy if the oral surgeon or oral surgeons office can assist with the packaging and shipping of wisdom teeth after surgery as someone who just had surgery probably won’t be up for it. However, if the location one has wisdom teeth does … Read more