Kinesiology Taping Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you live in the U.S. you may have seen recent commercials on TV advertising a product called KT Tape featuring three time Gold metal olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings. However, you may not know that Kinesiology Taping or KT for short has been used in several studies to see if it can help accelerate recovery after wisdom teeth removal. Kinesiology Taping is an an elastic therapeutic tape that has been used to support injured muscles and joints and help relieve pain. KT is believed to improve the blood and lymph flow and remove congestions of lymphatic fluid or hemorrhages. In a study by Ristow et al. titled “Therapeutic elastic tape reduces morbidity after wisdom teeth removal—a clinical trial,” appearing in Clinical Oral Investigations (vol. 18, pp. 1205–1212, 2014) the authors performed a randomized clinical trial with 40 patients … Read more