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Do Teeth Define Your Personality?

I was alerted to an interesting infographic that was just produced by http://submitinfographics.com/ The infographic discusses some different characteristics of teeth. It also discusses some statistics about how 164 million work hours per year are spent treating dental problems for adults and 51 million school hours per year are spent treating dental problems for children. (Click to enlarge) [Via: Carrington College’s Dental Assisting Training Program]

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Swimming and the Potential Harmful Effects on Your Teeth

Recently an article has appeared on DrBicupsid.com titled Swimming in acidic pool nearly destroys man’s teeth written by Rob Goszkowski and posted on September 6, 2011, located at http://www.drbicuspid.com/index.aspx?sec=sup&sub=rst&pag=dis&ItemID=308363 The article describes a case of a 52 year old man who nearly lost the enamel of his teeth in just 5 month by swimming regularly at his home pool. In fact, while it is widely appreciated that exercising regularly is good for your health you should consider the potential harm of any sort of new exercise program and yes this includes swimming and even walking. This man was suffering from hemangiomas in his liver and was told by his doctor to stop jogging so he decided on his own that he would take up swimming and in fact would do so for 90 minutes a day at a pool in his house that was not being professionally maintained. It was found that the reason for his rapid enamle erosion was due to having a highly acidic chlorinated swimming pool (low pH). The normal pH of a pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6 which is considered to be basic. Image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/gcwest/136945653/ and has a Creative Commons License. Tom over […]

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Why People Hate the Dentist

Numerous posts on the internet have attempted to shed light on the why people hate the dentist. Tom over at OralAnswers.com has a two part series on why people hate the dentists located at http://www.oralanswers.com/2011/09/why-people-hate-the-dentist/ and http://www.oralanswers.com/2011/09/why-people-hate-the-dentist-my-theory-part-ii/ Dr. Joe Bulger DDS in Canada changed the name of his blog to hatedentists.com and his written several posts on the topic of people who hate dentists located at http://www.hatedentists.com/1319/hate-dentist/ , http://www.hatedentists.com/1326/dentist-haters/ , and http://www.hatedentists.com/1363/top-10-reasons-people-hate-dentists/ SaneDentist.com has a post by Dr. Mujtaba Ali regarding 5 reasons why people hate the dentist located at http://www.sanedentist.com/here-are-5-reasons-why-we-hate-the-dentist-and-what-a-dentist-thinks-about-them.html Reading, over these posts and potential explanations for hate towards the dentist just doesn’t seem to do the hate justice and doesn’t touch on all the issues. So here are some reasons why I think people really hate dentists (subjective opinion): 1) Being motivated by money to the point of detrimental care to their patients Let’s face it, people go to work to make money so they can survive and look after their loved ones. However, dentistry is not a business and should be about making people motivated to practice healthy habits and not pushing unnecessary surgeries and care. This is touched on on the controversy page of this […]

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How does Flouride really Protect Teeth from Cavities?

A recent study that appeared in the journal Langmuir looked into the role of fluoride and their protection on teeth. The researchers who published the journal article found the protective shield fluoride forms on teeth is up to 100 times thinner than what was previously thought. It is well known that fluoride is found in toothpaste, mouthwash, and public drinking water in many areas in the world. The use of fluoride of course is to help prevent tooth decay which causes cavities to form. Researchers found the fluorapatite layer created by fluoride on the hard white substance covering teeth’s surface called enamel is only 6 nanometers thick. This layer is very small and over 10 times thinner than what was indicated in any prior studies. Hence the researchers raise questions about how a layer so thin can protect teeth from decay. Hence it is possible that fluoride may have another unrecognized effect on tooth enamel. It is worthy for researchers to explore how fluoride protects teeth from cavities as there is some controversy surrounding the fluoridation of drinking water. Previously I have discussed how large amounts of fluoride consumed can lead to fluorosis in young children. Source: Frank Müller, Christian […]

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Growing Teeth Formula

Researchers at the  Institute of Biotechnology of the University of Helsinki developed a computer model reproducing population-level variation in  teeth. This has implications for growing correctly shaped teeth. With more than 15 years of work, Jukka Jernvall and his team have compiled data on the evolutionary development of mammal teeth and the main aspects of a formula for making teeth emerging. According to a mathematical computer model, a rather simple basic formula seems to be behind the complex gene puzzle resulting in tooth formations. The jungle of gene networks has a ‘patterning kernel’ which regulates the variation of teeth among individuals. It is possible that human teeth from the incisors to the molar teeth may result from a single factor which regulates cell division. The researchers have investigated their model on seal teeth. The Ladoga ringed seal collection  at the University of Helsinki served as an ideal population sample  because dentitions are highly variable. Isaac Salazar-Ciudad and Jukka Jernvall. A computational model of teeth and the developmental origins of morphological variation. Nature, 2010.

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