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Surgical Treatment of Migraine Headaches

A study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows that trigger site surgery may aid in reducing or even eliminating migraine headaches. 100 patients in a study underwent injection of botulinum toxin A (Botox) into up to 4 potential trigger sites. If a trigger site was identified to be effective than surgery was performed in that trigger area in order to decompress nerves and remove muscles. 71 of 79 patients that were evaluated over a 5 year period were observed to have improvement. This meant they had less mean migraine intensity and or less mean migraine duration. 20 of 69 patients (29.0%) reported elimination of migraines and 41 of 69 patients (59.4%) experience a significant decrease. Surgery is not without risk and neither is injection of botulinum toxin A.  2 patients had hypersensitivity, 2 patients had hyposensitivity, and 2 patients had numbess at their 5 year follow up. This complications occured in the front region. 1 patient had occasional neck stiffness and 2 patients had occasional neck weakness which occurred in the occipital region. I know from firsthand experience after having an occipital nerve block in attempt to end my 24/7 headache brought on by removing my wisdom teeth that […]

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Root Canal Triggers Headache

I found an interesting article the other day written by a Chiropractor and describing how myofascial trigger points can mimic signs and symptoms of a neurological disease. The case describes the patient as the following. “A 44-year-old female, an office manager for a dentist for eight years, was referred by an EENT specialist with a chief complaint of headaches (HA), with a six- to eight-year history of HA and facial pain. Although all of her symptoms were usually on the right side of the face and head, the HA occasionally became bilateral when very intense. The facial pain was always located on the right. Once started, her symptoms lasted anywhere from four to ten hours. The only thing she remembers that may have triggered the onset was dental work done within six months of the start of the symptoms-several fillings and a root canal, all on the right side. Initially, the symptom was a pain in the upper molars, which appeared to be another cavity. Over the next few years, however, the pain developed into HA and facial pain.” The article goes on to describe the different types of neuralgias that most closely resemble the symptoms experienced by the patient. […]

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