After Removing Teeth Platelet-Rich Plasma May Aid In Faster Healing Times

A new study in the Journal of Oral Implantology shows platelet-rich plasma aid in speeding up healing and bone formation after removing a tooth. If a tooth is extracted and the extraction site has poor recovery then excessive jaw bone loss  may delay the use of dental prosthetics or implants. The study looked at patients who had their wisdom teeth removed.  One extraction site was treated with platelet-rich plasma where as the site on the other side of the mouth was served as control. The patients were examined for bleeding,  jaw bone density, healing ,pain, inflammation, and facial swelling for 24 weeks after the wisdom teeth removal occurred. The researchers concluded the platelet-rich plasma treatment had a positive effect on bone density immediately following tooth extraction where as the control sites showed a decrease in bone density during the first … Read more

Near Death Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

I wanted to alert everyone to a recent article in The Orangeville Banner and The Wellington Advertiser regarding 17 year old female Mercedes Moore and her wisdom teeth removal near death experience. According to the articles, Mercedes had her wisdom teeth removed in February, 2009. She began to feel a purple lump on her left temple along with pain and swelling. She saw the dentist for a follow up and told her he thought nothing was out of the ordinary. Eventually she had to be airlifted to a hospital because she was suffering from septic shock due to an infection that had developed and spread to her main arteries and organs. She had to undergo a surgery on her brain to remove a piece of skull and clean the infection. This surgery lasted 10 hours. Due to the blood clotting … Read more