Personal Injuries After Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many wisdom teeth surgery means having surgery for an hour or so, resting up at home and eating a restricted diet for a few days at home afterwards, and then getting back on with their normal life. However, wisdom teeth removal does not always go to plan and many suffer from complications, such as described at For some of these people, the complications can be very life altering and life changing. They may even mean life as it once was will never be the same. Many patients who suffer from complications file civil lawsuits and sue in an attempt to be awarded damages including money. Cases of personal injuries after wisdom teeth are described at Other examples of these cases have been discussed in past blog posts such as Was Wisdom Teeth Removal Performed Without Consent that … Read more

What is the Polo Mint Wisdom Tooth and How to Treat It

An interesting article titled “Identifying the Polo® mint mandibular third molar: a case series” written by Chopra et al. appears in the 2019 edition of Oral Surgery (vol. 12, pp. 89-95). The article discusses lower wisdom teeth that have a perforation in the root where the inferior dental nerve passes through and resemble the classic perforation within the Polo Mint confectionary (the Polo mint is a breath mint with a hole in the middle). These type of wisdom teeth are described as being uncommon, occurring every 1 in 800 cases or less; however they present a high degree of inferior dental nerve injury if they are extracted. The authors state that surgeons may only seen one or two cases in their entire career. In the article the authors describe a study from 2010 to 2017 where they identified 22 cases … Read more

Music to Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Surgery: 2021 Edition

While 2020 has been a very different year than normal, the new year of 2021 is now here. As has been done in years past on this blog, to kick off the new year, a post has been made about music one can listen to after having wisdom teeth extracted. There are of course other ways to recover, such as watching TV or reading books, but this post is to give some music recommendations available on YouTube for a listen. As mentioned earlier, many posts in the past have appeared on this site providing recommendations for music to listen to after wisdom teeth removal. These posts for a recap are: YouTube Musicians Rock and Roll Songs Jazz Songs Christian Music Gangnam Style 2013 Edition 2018 Edition 2019 Edition 2020 Edition Below is the 2021 edition of music to listen to … Read more

Management for an Ectopic Wisdom Tooth

One of the medically necessary valid reasons that the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons gives for removal of a wisdom tooth is if it is in an ectopic position. So the question is what exactly is the ectopic wisdom tooth and what should one do about it? In the article titled “Removal of ectopic mandibular third molar teeth: literature review and a report of three cases” written by Ahmed and Speculand appearing in Oral Surgery in 2012 (vol. 5, pp. 39-44) discussion is made of a literature review of ectopic wisdom tooth along with three cases of lower ectopic wisdom teeth. In the article titled “Ectopic wisdom tooth in the condyle area” written by Mourouzis et al. appearing in Oral Surgery in 2011 (vol. 4, pp. 194–196) discussion is made of an upper ectopic wisdom tooth in a … Read more

An Index to Assess Surgical Difficulty of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An interesting article titled “Development of a New Index to Assess the Difficulty Level of Surgical Removal of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars in an Asian Population,” written by Zhang et al. appears in the 2019 edition of the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The article discusses development of an index to determine the surgical difficulty of impacted lower wisdom teeth. The authors discuss how historically the Pell and Gregory classification and the Winter classification provide a simple judgment on the difficulty level of tooth extraction. They also discuss the Pederson scoring system which assesses the difficulty of extracting impacted wisdom teeth using three factors using the position of the wisdom tooth, the relative depth, and the relation with the ramus. The Pederson scoring system calculates a score from 3 to 10 based on these three factors and then assigns … Read more