Sex Offense and Assault After Surgery

The Frederick News Post reports that Danilo Carabio Banados currently faces three counts of third-degree sex offense and one count of second-degree assault. This is due to what occurred to one of Banados’ patients after wisdom teeth removal surgery. Banados works as a dental assistant in Frederick. On June 12, 2009, Banados was indicted of charges of sexually molesting a young woman while she was under anesthesia. The case is currently (as of time of writing) moving to Circuit Court. As the woman was waking up after the wisdom teeth removal surgery, she found Banados kissing her mouth and fondling her breasts. Maryland state police are currently seeking more information on the case. Banados worked as a dental assistant in the Frederick area for over 2 years. For more information on the case visit The Frederick News Post.

Latest Dental News

There are some articles I found recently that I feel may be worth a read. 1) Unfortunate Error in Oral Surgeon’s Background This article from the L.A. times discusses how Dr. Suzanne McCormick, president of the Dental Board of California,  wrongly removed 2 permanent molars instead of wisdom teeth from a patient several years ago, and settled out of court. 2) Some Facts your Dentist Does Not Want you to Know This interesting article provides insights in how you should be managing your dental care. Two fascinating tidbits from this article are “It is estimated that 15 to 18 percent of dentists are addicted to drugs or alcohol.” “Dr. Jay Friedman, the nation’s leading authority on dental quality control, once told me the source of the conventional wisdom that you should brush your teeth twice a day…He told me it … Read more

Wisdom Teeth Removal Leads to Coma

I was saddened to hear recently that a high school junior in Tonganoxie, Kansas, who recently went in to have his wisdom teeth removed, was seriously injured and left in a coma.  The oral surgeon who performed the surgery had just opened a new dental center. The cause for the injury is due to a faulty medical gas system which delivered oxygen and nitrous oxide. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family of Austin Stone, his friends, and the community. Already, the community has organized ‘Team Tongie’ to help raise money for incidental expenses of those who suffer from medical emergencies and crisis. To learn more visit the following links.

Wisdom Teeth in the News

Here are a few brief highlights of articles and links to them about wisdom teeth. “Dentists give new Meaning to Military Drills.” This article discusses dental work needed for U.S. soldiers. Soldiers have certain requirements they must meet regarding oral health. “Tooth Truth: Dental Surgery is Not all That Bad.” The author discusses his experience with wisdom teeth removal. He also portrays the near death experiences he has heard from others. (Well you could scroll down this blog to find death experiences… ) “Two Sides Quarrel on Wisdom Teeth.” Discusses the different sides of the wisdom teeth debate. Dr. Jay W. Friedman who leads the charge on stopping useless and uncessary removal of wisdom teeth discusses some of his viewpoints.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Leaves to Death Two Days After

Through an email I was saddened to hear about the recent loss and death of a young 21 year old. Her name was Victoria “Tori” Rubino. The article states “Rubino had had her wisdom teeth removed by dentists in her hometown two days before.” The results and reasons surrounding her death are still not clear. Hopefully a reason can be found soon. My website lists other reasons as to why people have died from wisdom teeth removal, although typically it happens more suddenly than several days after the extraction. To learn more visit