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How Evolution Sold Us Short As it Relates to Wisdom Teeth

I came across an interesting article titled “‘Not tonight, I have toothache’: how evolution sold us short” published in February 16, 2013, in the Times in London and written by Hannah Devlin. The article talks about evolution and how it relates to wisdom teeth, which is a topic I don’t usually bring up on this site/blog since it is controversial. The idea goes that wisdom teeth were important for our ancestors because their diets consisted of a lot of tough and chewy foods. As their other teeth wore down, the third molars, played an important back up role as additional teeth to use. In addition, the idea is that as humans evolved their brains became larger and their laws became smaller leaving less room available for teeth to grow. Earlier hominids (our ancestors) had very large back teeth in long jaws; however, evolution began selecting for increasing brain size. Since the jaws have shrunk over time as a result, wisdom teeth often become impacted. In the article Professor Alan Mann, an anthropologist at Princeton University, describes how impacted wisdom teeth, in which the wisdom tooth remains partially buried in the gum, are a result of changes in the shape of […]

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Ingestion of Foreign Body During Dental Procedures

In the complications of wisdom teeth page on this site http://www.teethremoval.com/complications.html I have discussed cases of teeth being displaced into various places of the body. A tooth can also either be aspirated and end up in the respiratory tract or ingested and likely pass several days after being swallowed. Dental instruments can also break off during surgery and end up in various places of the body. Some recent studies and cases have emerged for other dental procedures where foreign bodies were ingested. An article titled ” Precautions for accidental ingestion of a foreign body,” appears in J Can Dent Assoc 2013;79:d5, located over at http://www.jcda.ca/article/d5. This article describes a case where a 58 year old man underwent treatment for a dental crown and accidentally ingested a 20 mm stainless steel post intended to support the prosthesis. An imaging study revealed the post in the mid-abdomen and the patient, since he was not in distrust, was told to monitor for it to be passed. The patient never saw the post pass in his GI tract but subsequent imaging studies did not reveal it so it is presumed to have passed. This of course, opens up the possibility that maybe there is a […]

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The Curious Case of a Wisdom Tooth Growing in Old Age

An interesting article titled “Dentist shocked by Mary’s new wisdom,” appears in an article in This is Kent, http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/Dentist-shocked-Mary-s-new-wisdom/story-17958765-detail/story.html, January 25, 2013. The article describes a 75 year old woman who had a wisdom tooth grow in at the age of 75. A picture of the woman with her dentist is provided in the article. The dentist was taken a back by such a finding since it is vary rare. He decided to look up other cases on the internet and did find a case where an 84 year old man in New Zealand where a man had a wisdom tooth come in. In the case of the 75 year old man the dentist and woman have decided to just manage the wisdom tooth and leave it in in order to avoid possible complications.

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Teenagers Turn to Strangers for Legal Advice Online After Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Previously, I have posted numerous user written experiences of wisdom teeth removal. For example, you can see One Star Yelp Reviews on Wisdom Teeth, Successful and Positive Wisdom Teeth Removal Experiences, Wisdom Teeth Surgery Survey, and Wisdom Teeth Extraction Survey. Many of these experiences of wisdom teeth extractions were sent to me in a survey I have been conducting for quite some time on wisdom teeth removal. Other experiences were found from other sources such as reviews on Yelp. It has long been known by those who search for wisdom teeth (but not much discussed) that teenage patients who have wisdom teeth extracted often go online afterwards if things don’t go as planned. It appears that some patients are hurt and injured from the extraction and turn for advice on the internet. One such website where I have seen this occur is WorldLawDirect which is a forum for people online about legal issues. I have seen 2 such cases on WorldLawDirect where teenage patients have posted their wisdom teeth story and asked for legal advice, see http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/consumer-complaints/71293-can-i-sue-my-dentist-17-mouth-pains.html and http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/medical-malpractice/51622-can-i-sue-dentist-my-nerves-were-damaged-after-recieving-local-anesthesia.html. I will now review these 2 cases to compare and contrast the similarities. In the first case a 17 year old […]

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Wisdom Teeth: Perspectives from the Military

In previous discussions on this blog such as Third Molar Morbidity Among Troops Deployed and elsewhere, a discussion has been made about whether or not wisdom teeth should be extracted in those involved in the armed forces. A new article from Hurlbert Field titled “Wisdom teeth: Should they stay or go” provides a perspective by Staff Sgt. Jeff Andrejcik, was written on December 3, 2013, and is located over at http://www2.hurlburt.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123372876. The article is written by a special operations dentist who performs wisdom teeth extractions. He says he has removed over 300 wisdom teeth and once removed 8 in one patient. He says in the article that most people don’t have room for wisdom teeth and they grow in sideways and are not cleansable. Larkin discusses how pericoronitis can occur in patients who have wisdom teeth that erupt but not fully leaving the gums to cover partially the teeth and when pockets of infection occur. Larkin then mentions how more serious problems then pericoronitis such as space infections can occur. He says that space infections can be a problem for those deployed in the field. In the article Larkin is quoted as saying “With anything in life, people tend to focus on […]

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