Wisdom Teeth Extraction Music

Previously on this blog several posts in the past were run recommended music that one can listen to after having their wisdom teeth extracted. If you are recovering from wisdom teeth removal you may have some down time on your hands and in need of something to do. Of course you could read books or watch movies, however, the point of this post is to give you some music recommendations that you can easily listen to via YouTube. So far, six such posts providing recommendations on this site for music to listen to after wisdom teeth surgery has been made. To recap these are YouTube Musicians Rock and Roll Songs Jazz Songs Christian Music Gangnam Style 2013 Edition Since new music recommendations after having wisdom teeth taken out has not been provided since 2013 and it is now 2018, I thought … Read more

Video Dental Marketing Tips

Over at thewealthydentist.com in July 27, 2014, Jim Du Molin, gave five video marketing tips for optimizing your dental videos for YouTube, see http://www.thewealthydentist.com/blog/4565/dental-video-marketing-how-to-optimize-your-youtube-dental-videos/. For dentists who are interested in utilizing videos and particularly uploading them to YouTube, the 5 tips are worth following. Jim says that you should plan your video title and utilize it with your dental practice name and geo-targeted keywords. Jim further recommends writing out in words on the screen what you are saying in the video. This can help to allow search engines to direct users to your video. Jim further advocates for thinking carefully about the tags you connect your video with as these connect your video with other videos on YouTube with like tags. The fourth tip is to utilize the description area and include contact information such as the phone number of your … Read more

Videos Related to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

For those who are contemplating having oral and maxillofacial surgery or are in urgent need of health treatment they may want to consider viewing some educational videos. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) has recently uploaded many of their videos to their YouTube page over at http://www.youtube.com/user/aaomsvideo. They also have a Vimeo page that contains many of the same videos over at http://vimeo.com/aaoms/videos. I have previously commented on a video on Anesthesia in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Office. I was critical of the video as I pointed out in my prior blog post. A newer video on third molars (wisdom teeth) has been made available. This video is made in partnership with the American Association of Orthodontists.  The video describes how a wisdom tooth can be impacted and how surgery can be performed to remove a … Read more

Music To Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Gangnam Style

I have previously made several posts with some recommendations for some music you can listen to if you are recovering from wisdom teeth removal surgery. See the posts Music to Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Christian Music, Music to Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Jazz Songs, Music to Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Rock and Roll Songs, and Music To Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: YouTube Musicians. Now I wanted to make another post about some things you can do after having  your wisdom teeth extraction and this time make it Gangnam Style! PSY – Gangnam Style If you haven’t heard about this video yet, it is now the most watched video on YouTube and has over 800 million views. It recently surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” which was previously the most watched video on YouTube. PSY’s … Read more

Ellen Degeneres and Wisdom Teeth Videos

Ellen Degeneres has a show and she has a tendency to have a lot of young people on who have posted videos on Youtube. She has done this for some upcoming Youtube musicians and also for some young adults who have had their wisdom teeth removed as a preventative elective surgery. In September, 2010,  she had a young guy and girl on the show who are brothers and sisters and posted a Youtube video after having their wisdom teeth removed. The video from their appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT7WLBAeaUw The original video is located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig-pZ4OyidY In April 2010, Ellen had a young girl on the show who posted a video on Youtube after she had her wisdom teeth extracted. The video from her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show is located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIqI6Fdiix4 The … Read more