The Benefits of CAD/CAM Technology in Dentistry

This is a sponsored post designed to get you excited about CAD/CAM technology in dentistry.

In today’s world, CAD/CAM technology has made it very easy for dental patients. CAD stands for Computer aided designing and CAM stands for computer aided manufacturing. The technology has been implemented recently into dental laboratories and made it smooth and simple for dentists to treat their patients within the shortest period of time. In this way, CAD/CAM Technology has gained a lot of popularity.

This technology is utilized the best due to the less amount of time used for the procedures. The prosthesis can be designed and developed on the same day itself. A digital impression is taken by the dentist after correcting the particular teeth. The picture is created in the computer and then accordingly the manufacturing unit receives the information in the form of the image. This leads to the formation of the replacement structure. Various other minute descriptions are easily implemented into the prosthesis. The ceramic or composite material are used in order to mill the prosthesis with this technology. The best part is that this technology can be used even in the chair-side. Therefore, the dentist can treat the patient as well as get the prosthesis designed and manufactured within hours. Veneers have gained a lot of success when CAD/CAM technology is used. When the patient complains of broken or crooked teeth, the conventional treatments take a couple of appointments. The technology will be used to create customized veneers for the patients especially for the anterior teeth. Crowns and bridges can be made with the help of several CAD/CAM Technology which involves CEREC and Delcam Solutions among some of the latest technology. In this way, patients will be able to get the crowns and bridges designed and manufactured with this technology. This leads to a higher number of individuals getting treated with crown and bridges procedures with the highest levels of satisfaction. Dentists as well as dental patients can benefit a lot with this technology.

The use of CAD/CAM technology has increased a lot in the past few years. Therefore, more numbers of dentists are looking forward to use the technology in their dental practice. Analog restorations take comparatively longer time which makes the patients uncomfortable. Over the years, this technology has made remarkable progress in dental practices. Moreover, throughout recent years the remakes of the prosthesis created by the CAD/CAM technology has reduced to a great extent. Therefore, the success rates of the on-lays and inlays have improved a lot. The on-lays and inlays created has proved to get results better than conventional restorations. The self-evaluation is a bonus for the dentists using CAD/CAM technology. Therefore, before getting the prosthesis manufactured proper choice and evaluation can be made to get the best results from the dental prosthesis for every patient. In this way, every patient will have a proper level of satisfaction with the dental treatment and the CAD/CAM technology.

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