The Forum for TeethRemoval Dot Com is Back

This is just a quick blog post to alert readers of that the forum over on is back up and running. The forum had been down for a while and has gone from being up to down repeatedly over the years due to ever increasing spam bots. Hopefully, the new spam countermeasures for phpBB will help, but I am not convinced they will. The blog is of course a good place for discussion. If you have any interesting topic or viewpoint you would like to discuss feel free to contact me and I can possibly post a topic on the blog about it for general discussion. The forum is of course a better way to have lively discussions with users but unfortunately very prone to spam bots bringing it completely down and unusable. For now head on over to the TeehRemoval dot com forum and enjoy.

teeth removal forum 2017 update - The Forum for TeethRemoval Dot Com is Back

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