The War on Healthcare: Patients Who Hate Doctors

Dr. Maurice Bernstein on his Bioethics Discussion Blog has an interesting discussion going on about people who hate doctors and their reasons. Reading through the large number of responses located at , a common theme emerges: those who are well educated and particularly those with a PhD really hate those with an MD degree.

This is no surprise to me as the current American healthcare system pits patients vs. doctors in a battle.

Here a few snippets from the comments:

1 of the comments:

“I hate arrogant, sadistic, amoral, money-grubbing scumbags, and unfortunately, it seems far too many of these types have weaseled their way into the medical profession. I am one of the millions of people with chronic pain in this country who is at the “mercy” of the American medical profession, and thus cannot get my pain treated.”

Another comment snippet:


THAT is why people “hate” “Dr.s”…becuase they are Killing people!!! They & the AMA are also arrogant, narrow minded & dumb. To think that drugs & only drugs are going to heal somebody & to block out ALL other modes of healing from the practice ie: alternative modes such as Herbs, Accupuncture, Supplements etc…is Assinine, & totally insane!”

Another snippet

It’s clear that medicine is only about money, about making a buck, about making as much profit as possible for the least amount of risk.”

Yet another snippet

“Lying to prevent malpractice when a heartfelt, humble apology would do? Then it goes too far. Exactly how does an apology protect, legally, against a suit? That’s utter nonsense and yet another backwards step in the entire health care crisis. We are fast approaching a time IMO when the general public will go to war against the health care system.”

As eloquently put by someone who suffered a chronic headache after having wisdom teeth removed just like myself

“In our society, protection from liability is primary, profit is secondary, preserving the posterity and ego of the medical profession is tertiary, and treating the patient is somewhere further down priority chain.”

Hence it is absolutely no surprise that when you go on to American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) Grassroots Action Center the first thing you see is Urge Congress to Reform the Medical Malpractice System.

Well that sounds like a good idea especially if you review my site and can clearly see how too little is being provided to patients who have been injured by a doctor in terms of a non-economic damage award and only around 2% to 3% of patients who suffer from negligent care even file a lawsuit

In my case I had my wisdom teeth extracted after I just turned 20 and was extremely healthy and was never told that scientific evidence does not support the removal of healthy wisdom teeth. Nor was I told sufficient information to make an informed choice. Even so due to the the U.S. legal system that rewards doctors for malpractice I never received any compensation for my injuries.

In fact AAOMS and also the American Medical Association are trying to support something called HEALTH Act (S. 218/H.R. 5). See also and for further description.

The quick important details is from

H.R. 5, which would give virtual liability immunity to the medical industry for reckless conduct. Included in its repertoire is a national $250,000 cap on non-economic damages, restrictions on punitive damages against pharmaceutical and medical device companies that engage in reckless conduct, limits on the time period for a patient to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for injuries and other obstacles that would deter meritorious cases from going forward.

I encourage you to review the complications that can happen from wisdom teeth removal and you will come to the same conclusions as I have that a $250,000 pain and suffering damage award for particularly young patients in some instances is extremely unfair, unjust, and downright ridiculous.

Numerous physician groups such as as the AMA and AAOMS in the U.S. have clearly demonstrated that they DO NOT care about their patients.

I urge you my fellow Americans to contact Congress and tell them you WILL NOT TOLERATE H.R.5 AS IT TAKES AWAY YOUR RIGHTS PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION.

Write to your Representative and make it known.

Here is some AC / DC – War Machine to help set the tone.

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  1. I have to say also that I am very interesting to it.and I’m pretty surprised too by that! Yeah! Would’ve thought the exact opposite – that those who are less educated would be more fearful/suspicious of MDs. Thanks for sharing!

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