This Is What Will Happen To Your Teeth If You Give Up Sugar 

When you smile, do you show people that you’re healthy or that you have health problems? If you’re eating too much sugar, you’re damaging your teeth. Your smile will reveal cavities and gum disease, which will dent your confidence and can lead to other health problems. Decreasing how much sugar you eat is important to staying healthy while preserving a beautiful smile. By cutting out sugar, you will boost your oral health, which will have positive effects on the rest of your body.

Cutting Out Sugar Prevents Oral Bacteria

There are two main types of bacteria that are found in the mouth. These are Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sorbrinus. These bacteria like to eat the sugar you eat, which forms dental plaque on your teeth. This is basically a transparent but sticky coating that forms on the surface of your teeth. If you’re not diligent about cleaning this coating away, it can cause cavities. By not eating sugar, you don’t give this plaque a chance to form on your teeth.

Cutting Out Sugar Reduces Tooth Decay

If cavities are left untreated, they can cause tooth damage that’s so severe it requires the afflicted teeth to be extracted. You might think you have to consume a lot of sugar every day to end up losing teeth, but a scary study shows otherwise. When 20,000 adults were surveyed in an Atlanta study, researchers found that having an occasional sugar-rich beverage increased people’s chances of losing between one and five teeth – by a whopping 44 percent! It’s important to cut out hidden sugars from your diet, such as those found in soup cans or juices, which can sneak into your daily eating plan without you realizing it and damage your teeth. Once you get into the hang of it, a life without refined sugar becomes easier. A good tip is to eat foods that are naturally sweet, such as fruits, to give you a sugar kick while boosting your antioxidant intake.

But what if you already have a missing tooth? Getting a dental implant is important to maintain the health of your smile. However, it’s vital to have it done by a specialist dentist who’ll be able to replace the root section of the missing tooth – this is important to prevent the bone from dissolving over time.

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Cutting Out Sugar Prevents White Spots On Your Teeth

Have you ever experienced white spots on your teeth? These can be caused by consuming sugar! When you eat too much sugar, its acid content chips away your tooth enamel. Plaque can also build up on teeth, causing these spots where enamel has been destroyed. By reducing your daily sugar intake, you can keep your teeth healthy and spot-free! Luckily, you can also successfully have these white spots removed completely painlessly without invasive treatments to keep your smile in perfect condition.

Cutting Out Sugar Decreases Your Risk For Periodontal Disease 

Periodontal disease isn’t the same thing as losing teeth due to cavities. It’s basically when the bacteria in your mouth that aren’t washed away when you brush your teeth lead to inflammation. Sugary foods can cause this inflammation by boosting your mouth’s acidity, which can cause more bacteria to flourish. This can lead to gum problems, and the bacteria can even enter the bone under the teeth. Once they reach this point, they can cause health problems that affect the rest of your body. If bacteria from gum disease enter your bloodstream, they can attach to fatty deposits in blood vessels, causing blood clots and even heart attacks. By reducing sugar intake, you can lower your risk of getting periodontal disease and a host of other health problems.

Your teeth offer a glimpse into your oral health and overall well-being. By decreasing your sugar consumption, you’ll keep your teeth looking healthy and beautiful, while also maintaining a healthier body by warding off illnesses.

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