Video Dental Marketing Tips

Over at in July 27, 2014, Jim Du Molin, gave five video marketing tips for optimizing your dental videos for YouTube, see

For dentists who are interested in utilizing videos and particularly uploading them to YouTube, the 5 tips are worth following. Jim says that you should plan your video title and utilize it with your dental practice name and geo-targeted keywords. Jim further recommends writing out in words on the screen what you are saying in the video. This can help to allow search engines to direct users to your video.

Jim further advocates for thinking carefully about the tags you connect your video with as these connect your video with other videos on YouTube with like tags. The fourth tip is to utilize the description area and include contact information such as the phone number of your practice and website. The final tip is to share your videos on the different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus.

The tips Jim suggests seem like good advice for dentists who are involved or would like to become involved with dental videos on YouTube.

In the past I have posted a few videos from YouTube that were used by a dental practice, see the post In his post on The Wealthy Dentist, Jim doesn’t go into any of what he recommends dentists put in the content of their videos. In my opinion, one should make the content educational and try to limit any overly promotional aspects.

For example, one could make a video with a patient which shows or attempts to re-create some procedure or treatment offered such as a simple cleaning. The dentist or patient could help describe what to expect during the procedure or treatment, how long it took, what was felt, what was done, and etc. In the past I was critical of a video where a dentist described wisdom teeth removal with a patient because the patient said the surgery didn’t hurt and she didn’t feel anything. I just find it hard to believe that no pain and nothing unusual would be experienced either during the surgery, several hours after the surgery, or in the days following the surgery so I wasn’t sure how realistic this description was.

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