Western Dental injuries and pain

I found some interesting pieces from ABC 7 KGO-TV San Francisco, CA. The articles and videos are about the second largest HMO in the state of California called Western Dental.

Numerous people are profiled talking about things such as nerve damage following wisdom teeth removal, people’s healthy teeth being pulled out and being replaced with dentures,  a syringe injecting bleech into a girl’s sinus during a root canal, and putting too much filler into the root of a woman’s teeth during a root canal and causing severe pain.

Of course Western Dental defends by not admitting wrongdoing but then lawsuits result and a settlement is reached in some cases. In other cases Western Dental has not paid for subsequent follow up treatment.

To see the videos and read more of the articles visit these 2 links.



1 thought on “Western Dental injuries and pain”

  1. Western Dental is terrible they keep lying to me I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out. Doc tool slipped three times, hurt real bad. He said it was his finger, yeah right. Dentist don’t have sharp fingernails, and I was awake during the procedure, and not numb in that specific area. Cried through the whole procedure, I have BPD and PTSD, they were fully aware of that. Had a black out during the procedure because he was working on me like I was a da$ car, very tramatic Or better yet get the cattle in and out as fast as you can to make more money. I don’t believe a Dentist office is Super Cuts. My face has been numb for 13 days now. ER doc said 3 days might be problem if feeling hasn’t returned, PSY doc said nerve damage been too long. Western dental said 10 days, now there saying a month. Can’t eat or swallow, if anyone has any attorneys that they can forward my way please. On disability already great single 29 yr old mom, and going to school for computer programming. These’s kinds of treatments from doctors needs to be stopped. I feel the Lord is taking all the money away from the greedy, cattle treating doctors, and giving back to the poor. Just because they have money and are smart, if they don’t have God they have nothing. I will stop this man and company for doing anything else to anybody. Because “God has got MY BACK!!! Thats a GREAT covering in this world right now.If anybody would like to help me find great attorney that comes across this. Please let me know. Email buttercup9928@yahoo.com. We will stop them together. 🙂 Bad things may happen, BUT a WHOLE lot more positive will come out of it. God Bless Thanx Tracy

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