What Makes the Best Dentists?

There’s plenty of dentists to choose from and we know that finding the best one can be quite difficult. Dental health is not a matter that can be taken for granted and you need to know that your dentist will efficiently see to your needs. A good dentist will be concerned for his patients well being and will focus on it. A good dentist is also honest and won’t try and get you to buy all unnecessary dental treatments and products. After all he’s a dentist, not a salesman.

You Should Feel Safe In Your Dentist’s Office:

In a dentist office, it’s easy to feel vulnerable. Dentists see everything in your mouth, and regardless of what you’ve told them, they can tell how often you’re brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.

When you have to undergo a procedure, from tooth extractions to implants, that feeling of vulnerability can escalate quickly. Does your dentist inspire trust and confidence from you? Do you feel safe, knowing they’ll take care of you?

Any good dentist will work hard to provide an environment where you feel safe to drool from the Novocain, and where you completely trust them to perform the procedure thoroughly and correctly.

Your Dentist Should Be Thorough:

Ever been to a doctor and felt like they rushed through your appointment? Things happen, appointments get backed up, people get busy. But your dentist should always be thorough in their examination of your teeth, gums and oral tissue.

Dental plaque build-up can turn into gingivitis, cavities and tooth decay. Your dentist should thoroughly examine your teeth for plaque build-up, remove the build-up and let you know where you are missing spots in your oral care routine. By providing you with the information needed to adjust your brushing and flossing skills, they are providing you with a holistic visit and not just cleaning your teeth.

Is Your Dentist Compassionate?

Every tooth and every mouth is different. Every person also has a different threshold to pain. Whether it’s helping you find ways to improve your oral care habits or remembering where you have extra sensitivity to pain, a good dentist is caring, understanding and compassionate.

And it’s not just being considerate of your pain threshold! We often have patients who are afraid of needles, and some who get nervous looking at the tools used to clean your teeth. A good dentist will work with them to calm their anxiety and adjust their routine to help make the experience as stress-free as possible for the patient.

There are many different traits a great dentist can have – often times it depends on who you ask!

Your Dentist Educates You:

You haven’t attended dental school and neither are you knowledgeable in the dental health field, which is why you need a dentist. Your dentist should educate you about your issues, your treatment options, how to take care of your teeth etc.

The Dental Office Is Clean:

Dental practices should be kept clean and tidy at all times. If you notice dirty or used gloves and any other medical equipment that’s not clean, this can spread germs. Ensure to keep a look out for anything like this at your next dental visit.

This article is a guest post by Dr. Kwon who runs a dental practice named SK Family Dental in Puyallup WA. He graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 2004. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business from UCLA. Dr. Kwon has three growing children, and enjoys spending quality time with his family as well as his church. He enjoys spending time outdoors doing many different activities with both colleagues and friends. He loves working as a dentist in Puyallup, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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