Win a Smile MakeOver

I wanted to alert anyone who might be interested, that 1-800-DENTIST® is running a $30,000 smile makeover contest until mid November of 2009.

To learn more you can visit You will need to submit and create a 2 minute video of yourself which discusses your smile and what you think would make it better. After your video is uploaded, family and friends can vote and help you become the winner of the contest.

2 thoughts on “Win a Smile MakeOver

  1. i cant get my daughter *Jezzamyn on video, and can barely get a picture taken of her.
    Jezzamyn is 16 and shes a beautiful young woman who needs to believe that, she suffers major complex about her teeth, and has low self esteem, shes been constantly picked on in school her whole life about her teeth.
    When she was a baby 18mths old, she fell from a dog at the window and was scared , fell from the bech seat , hititng her face to the floor knocking her tooth out and swallowing it, her tooth didnt regrow till much later in life, later than normal, and grew back deformed , brown and sticking out sideways.
    I am asingle parent of 5 gorgeous kids, and the 2 older ones unfortunately inherited their fatherss side of the gentic make up of their teeth,m they are bucky crooked and have narrow pallets.
    I would ,love more than anything to give Jezzamyn especially being a young woman and society being so cruel makeover of her teeth to boost her confidence and self esteem and believe in herself, i wouldnt and could never afford to do this and its only a dream, weve many times had conversations over the possibilityof a teeth makeover, it would make her dreams ocme true and after all her own little battles in life that we have over come as a family together, she will stand tall proud and feel beautiful,to me shes beautiful no matter what i love her to bits, but would love the chance to win and improve her magic smile.i will send what pics i have of ehr which arent many and really try to get he ron video some how.
    What a fantastic opportunity for us to win this , thankyou for offering us the chance to be in tis competition, pls return to my letter , thankyou for your time
    sincerely Wendy Boyd.

  2. kathy jackson is my name i have almost of of my upper teeth have fallen out i am so upset i have been in my house for two months becuse i don’t want anyone to see me like this not even my kids .it depresses me to look into a mirror i have been a member of my church for 16 years and always sang in the choir and now it has been two months since i have been to church i just want to smile again can you help me please. my teeth start falling out from my inhailers, se i have asthma ad that is one of the main causes. Please help me smile again.

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