Wisdom Teeth Extraction Survey

This post just serves as another reminder for those who have not completed the Wisdom Teeth Removal Survey that it is still ongoing. If you are a longtime visitor and have not yet taken the survey or are new to teethremoval.com I encourage you to click on the link below to take the survey.


Below are a few recent responses from the survey. Also the survey is anonymous so it is not associated with your personal identity in any way. Thanks for your help!

Here is one survey response after completing the initial questions in the elaborate section.

The numbness is around my lower lip all the way down to my chin and teeth on the bottom left side and I am freaked out i was told there would be a 1 in 100 chance of a tingling sensation but i didn’t think it would happen to me i am seriously freaked out I can’t live like this forever and its only been 5 days.

Here is another Wisdom Teeth Removal Survey response.

I had 1 impacted wisdom tooth and was advised to be sedated and have all 4 removed, minutes before the op i was asked to sign a form and when i asked what it was i was told ” just incase there is rarely some nerve damage”, nervous as i was i didn’t ask them to elaborate. Within a few months i started having the most horrendous pain in my scalp and down the right side of my face. Finally 4 years ago after 4 MRI scans that are all clear i was diagnosed with TN [Trigeminal Neuralgia] , and put on Tegretol which the doctor said would also help diagnose the condition. I have been taking it ever since and most of the time i can tolerate the pain. I am so angry that something as lifechanging and painfull as this was never explained as a possibility, the medical profession all seem to cover each other as my doc, neuro or dentist all dismiss the idea that the surgery was the cause.

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