Wisdom Teeth Tweets From Twitter

In the past some wisdom teeth related tweets from Twitter have been shared on this site. See for example the posts Wisdom Teeth Removal: Tweets from Twitter and Indications for Removal of Wisdom Teeth. Below are some more recent wisdom teeth related tweets that have been shared on Twitter.

1. Related to Dry Socket

2. Related to Growing Pains

3. Related to Nerve Damage


4. Related to Sinus Complications

Hopefully you found the above tweets interesting and or relevant. From the tweets many people were not happy about experiencing dry socket after having wisdom teeth removed. Others were not happy with pain and/or headaches experienced when their wisdom teeth are growing in. Still others had concerns about nerve damage from having wisdom teeth extracted. Further other tweets were related to sinus complications experience after having a wisdom tooth extracted. If you have come across other tweets on Twitter related to wisdom teeth that you liked or found useful feel free to share below in the comments.

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