Woman wins $10,000 for funny video after wisdom teeth surgery

A senior in high school from Colorado has won $10,000 for a video she submitted to the ABC television show “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (AFV). She had her wisdom teeth extracted in April 2019 and her younger brother taped her for several hours after the surgery. The woman had four severely impacted wisdom teeth extracted and had to receive extra painkillers as a result. This caused her to have some hilarious reactions while driving home after the surgery that were caught on tape.

In the video, the woman’s mother removes a wad of bloody gauze from the woman’s mouth which causes her to shriek thinking that her tongue was being removed. The woman won the $10,000 prize on the January 5th, 2020, “America’s Funniest Home Videos” show, Season 30, Episode 10 titled “Prank You Very Much, Kids Getting Upset for Dumb Reasons, and Twins.” You can currently stream watch the full episode from ABC at https://abc.com/shows/americas-funniest-home-videos/episode-guide/season-30/10-prank-you-very-much-kids-getting-upset-for-dumb-reasons-and-twins. The video of the woman after her wisdom teeth surgery starts around the 28:44 minute mark.

baylee mee wisdom teeth americas funniest home videos jan5 2020 - Woman wins $10,000 for funny video after wisdom teeth surgery

This also resulted in the woman being one of three finalists for the $100,000 prize on the January 12th, 2020, show a week later, but she did not win that night. As a result of the video, now some people are recognizing the woman around her town in Colorado. The woman is a lacrosse player and has a scholarship to attend a Colorado university in the fall. She plans to use the $10,000 towards the costs of attending college and for a new laptop computer.

American’s Funniest Home Videos has shared many videos of young people after having dentistry work performed and/or having anesthesia. Some of these are shown below:

Therefore, if you are planning to have wisdom teeth extracted, perhaps you should bring a family member or friend along to tape you for several hours after the surgery. If the result is funny you can submit the video to AFV for your chance to also win $10,000 and $100,000. Perhaps you may end up somewhat famous and with more money in your pocket by doing so.

Source: Jim Krajewsk, “Trip to the dentist turns into hilarious video and $10,000 for Galena lacrosse player,” Reno Gazette Journal, January 14, 2020. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/01/14/reno-family-afv-funniest-home-videos-episode-trip-dentist/4460483002/

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