World Oral Health Day

Today, September 12th, 2008 has been declared as the First World Oral Health Day.

The American Dental Assocation (ADA) and the FDI World Dental Federation want to use the day to “boost awareness of oral health and its impact on general health and well-being.”

The date marks the anniversary of the FDI World Dental Federation and their groundbreaking International Conference on Primary Health Care, which was held on September 12, 1978. In addition the date honors Dr. Charles Godon, the FDI founder, who was born Sept. 12, 1854.

“We hope that awareness of the importance of oral health can be elevated through the worldwide recognition of this day,” said Dr. Burton Conrod, FDI president. “The dentists of the world are committed to helping each and everyone in achieving optimal oral health through prevention and the highest possible standard of care.”

Source: ADA News: ADA, FDI mark first World Health Day

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