National Institutes of Health Wisdom Teeth Study

A new article in the Washington Post is titled “Study may shed light on when it’s appropriate to remove wisdom teeth.” The article does a good job presenting the evidence (and lack of) for and against removing healthy impacted wisdom teeth. Even so there is apparent bias towards removing wisdom teeth in the article. This is because the article talks about the author’s daughter who had to make a decision regarding removing 2 wisdom teeth. Her daughter ending up deciding to have those 2 wisdom teeth taken out. However, the author (mother) makes it clear that there is no scientific studies to really argue in one direction. Because of this, it is argued, as the American Association of Public Health states “…the removal of wisdom teeth….should be based on evidence of diagnosed pathology or demonstrable need.” This is due to … Read more

Dentist Donates Free Services

I always like to here about stories where dentists are offering their services to others for free. In April 2010, Eric Welz a 16 year old high school student who  dental services worth over $2,500 from the “Give a Kid a Smile” program offered from Total Dentistry. Eric had all of his wisdom teeth removed, three cavities filled, and dental sealants applied to his back teeth.  For those interested, Total Dentistry is no longer currently offering the program but it may appear again in the future on their website I have heard of other dental providers offering such services. You may want to talk to your dental provider to see if they know or offer any such service. It would be nice if all children and adults could have the dental care they desire without having to worry about … Read more

Breathing Through the Mouth has Negative Health Implications

When spring comes pollen and other materials in the air can wreak harm on those who have seasonal allergies which causes a habit called “mouth breathing.”  Unfortunately for those who suffer, the physical, medical and social problems associated with mouth breathing are not recognized by most health care professionals,. This observation was recently reported in the Jan./Feb. 2010 General Dentistry issue. Children whose mouth breathing goes untreated over time may suffer from abnormal facial and dental development, such as long, narrow faces and mouths, gingivitis, gummy smiles, and even crooked teeth. Mouth breathing also leads to poor sleeping habits which can stunt growth and cause children to perform less in school.  Mouth breathing can also cause poor oxygen concentration in the bloodstream, leading to high blood pressure, sleep apnea,  heart problems,  and even other medical problems. It is possible for … Read more

Six Year Old Dies After Dentist Visit

A six year old boy has died during a recent visit to the dentist.  This said story has been reported by several news sources such as MSNBC. An autopsy is currently being conducted to determine the specific cause of death. However, the boy was given anesthesia  during the dental procedure and died after the breathing tube was removed. This tragic story has occurred in Virginia. Sedation certainly caries risks when at the dentist and I have previously reported on this blog of a case where someone has died after undergoing anesthesia while having their wisdom teeth removed. If you are considering having anesthesia while visiting the dentist or oral surgeon you should be aware of the risks and potential harmful complications that can occur.

Headache Causes Difficulty Tuning out Visuals

A recent study from researchers from Scotland’s Glasgow Caledonian University has come out with implications for headache sufferers. The research suggests migraine sufferers even when they do not have a headache may process visual cues better in an environment with few visual distractions. The researchers asked migraine sufferers to pick out a small disk of light with visual noise was present which severed as a visual distraction. Without the visual noise, people prone to migraine could identify the light disk about as well as the control group. When the noise was added, migraine sufferers performed significantly worse. The study demonstrated migraine sufferers with auras were the actually the most affected by the addition of visual noise. This research has practical implications for those who suffer from headache and migraine. It may thus be best to avoid environments with a lot … Read more