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Wisdom Teeth Promotion and Marketing

I have previously talked about PBHS Inc. on this blog and website. They design many websites for oral surgeons and also help with branding and promotion. I have some issues with them in that they provide websites with nearly identical content for oral surgeons to use Even so they do make quality videos on wisdom teeth although of course fail to disclose many of the more serious complications that can occur and the fact that no evidence thus far supports or refutes removing healthy disease free impacted wisdom teeth. On PBHS Inc.’s website, on their third molar education and marketing plan section they say, while of course talking to oral surgeons and dentists “Think about this: One –and only one– extra set of wisdom teeth per week will net you approximately $50,000 more annually. If you do one extra set of wisdom teeth a week for 10 years, your net worth will have increased over $500,000 after taxes (assuming 8.5% interest)! Three or four additional third molar patients every week will significantly impact your net worth.” Clearly oral surgeons and dentists have financial and monetary incentives to extraction wisdom teeth. Unfortunately when patients go to a medical health […]

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Awareness Campaign to Prevent Unnecessary Tooth Extractions

The Saving Teeth Awareness Campaign has been launched in the United Kingdom to provide information to those patients in need who have a tooth infection as this will lead to bone loss and potential loss of that tooth. The campaign’s goal boils down to “If a tooth can be saved, it is the best choice.” The campaign wants to make those aware that root canal treatment is the first choice when a tooth is infected. Many will instead have the tooth extracted and replaced with a bridge or dental implant but they want to try to save as many teeth from extractions as possible. An endodontist is a specialist that will often perform root canal therapy The Root Canal Awareness Week will occur in the United States from March 27 to April 2, 2011. The poster from The American Association of Endodontists (AEE) in promotion of Root Canal Awareness week says “Root canals don’t cause pain—they relieve it! In fact, modern root canals are virtually painless.”  

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

Jim Du Molin over at The Wealthy Dentist is one of the leading Internet marketing experts for dentists in North America. He often does surveys and the latest one he has done and shared involves impacted wisdom teeth and their removal. His recent survey of 230 dentists showed the majority (53%) of the dentists surveyed felt that wisdom teeth should usually be removed, but not always. A full 7% said that impacted wisdom always ought to be extracted. On the other side 20% of the dentists surveyed said many impacted wisdom teeth do not need to be removed.  Jim also published many comments from the dentists regarding the survey which are available on his website to view if you are interested. As is clear from, I go into detail demonstrating how there is no current scientific evidence to support removing healthy wisdom teeth.  I go into detail about how there are well over 50 different complications that could potentially occur from having a wisdom tooth extracted.  I also show how over 50 people in the past have died as a direct result from having their wisdom teeth removed. It is not clear to me why some dentists feel […]

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Videos on Youtube to Promote Dental Practices

I found some interesting videos showing how a dentist extracts a wisdom tooth on youtube. While these videos may appear to be innocent, they actually are designed to promote the dentist’s office and practice. Even so they are informative for those interesting in learning more about wisdom tooth surgery. The first video shows Jonathan H. Kim. D.D.S. who is a San Jose, California, dentist. The second video shows Dr. Jerry Gordon who is a dentist in Bensalem, Philadelphia. In the first video a woman has two wisdom teeth extracted. At the end of the video she says the surgery was painless and says that others should stop by. In the second video a woman has an upper wisdom tooth that has been bothering her removed.  At the end of the video the woman says the surgery didn’t hurt and she didn’t feel anything. While I appreciate the dentists showing the videos of how wisdom teeth are removed in the name of education, I wish they would have left out the whole bit at the end where the patient who just had the tooth extracted says she felt no pain. Unfortunately these videos appear to be marketing ploys by the dentists […]

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