Recent Developments of the iPad in Digital Dentistry

This post is a guest post by Robert Milton. He blogs for Austin Dental Center, an Austin dentist, who specializes in mercury-free fillings and dental implants. Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz In the fall of 2010, Apple, Inc., featured Dr. Jonathan L. Ferencz’s prosthodontics practice in one of its iPad in Business profiles, touting the numerous applications of the iPad in digital dentistry. In compelling detail, the profile outlined how Dr. Ferencz’s patients not only used the Adobe Ideas app to complete their intake forms electronically, but also engaged in leisure activities like checking email and surfing the Internet while in the waiting room. The profile also described Dr. Ferencz’s use of the iPad to display photographs and x-rays to patients during consultations, emphasizing the device’s high resolution and zooming features. And yet, Dr. Ferencz was by no means the first … Read more

I wanted to let those who might be interested know about a new web targeting towards those who need to manage their dental practice called Since this is a web app it is accessible for computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones and other tablets and phones with internet access. It has a datebook, allows you to add multiple doctors to your practice, allows you to add multiple users, allows you to add patients (500 patients free) and potential treatments options. Below is a screenshot of most of the current treatment options. I currently have 9 invites to give out. If you are interested use the code TEETHREMOVAL at the signup URL If you end up trying it out let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Ellen Degeneres and Wisdom Teeth Videos

Ellen Degeneres has a show and she has a tendency to have a lot of young people on who have posted videos on Youtube. She has done this for some upcoming Youtube musicians and also for some young adults who have had their wisdom teeth removed as a preventative elective surgery. In September, 2010,  she had a young guy and girl on the show who are brothers and sisters and posted a Youtube video after having their wisdom teeth removed. The video from their appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show is available at The original video is located at In April 2010, Ellen had a young girl on the show who posted a video on Youtube after she had her wisdom teeth extracted. The video from her appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show is located at The … Read more

How to Prevent Gum Disease and Cavities

The following is a Guest Post by Dr. Richard Mitchell who has been a dentist for over 30 years and has experience in 6 different countries. Dr. Richard Mitchell has a website with excellent dental advice at It’s impossible to guarantee problem-free teeth,  but you can stack the odds in your favor by following a short routine each day! FIFTEEN MINUTES A DAY. That’s all it takes to really make a difference.  Can you find 15 minutes? Here’s a bonus. You don’t have to spend those fifteen minutes in the bathroom – with a little practice,  you can do most of the work sitting on the couch watching TV! OK,  what are the things to do? First of all,  don’t worry about the brand of toothbrush.  Like Lance Armstrong said,  “it’s not the bike”.  When we’re talking about getting … Read more

16 Year Old Female Dies After Wisdom Teeth Removal

I was very saddened to recently hear about the death on May 5, 2011, of a young 16 year old girl who was a sophomore in high school in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was in the ROTC program and had aspirations to join the Army. Miciah Bonzani went into cardiac arrest while under anesthesia to have her wisdom teeth removed. She was taken to a hospital, placed on life support, and then died 2 days later. She was born with a heart defect which had required two surgeries before her first birthday. What is also troubling to me about this unfortunate death is that one of the media organizations that covered the story WPXI/, did not even mention that it occurred while having wisdom teeth extracted.  They simply called it “dental work” and an “outpatient medical procedure”, although … Read more