How to Get Low Cost Dental Implants Done

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A smile is one of the few natural qualities that endear someone to others. And because it wields such an enormous influence as a first impression, the condition of our teeth, gums and mouth can really influence our confidence level.

If you are dissatisfied with your teeth in a way that makes you keep mum or feel uneasy around people because you don’t want to show your dentition, then you need a denture.

Dental implants are a smart choice for people who were born with a missing tooth or had a tooth extraction due to infection, decay or even an injury. They are the most natural and functional solution used for replacing a missing tooth.

Most people who find themselves in this situation are sometimes discouraged from going for implants due to the huge financial cost. In some dental facilities, implants cost thousands of dollars. Regardless of how much dental implants cost, it is a good measure towards regaining one’s confidence and wearing a nice smile.

Fortunately, we have come up with tips that can help patients get implants at an affordable price.

Some Tips to Consider

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The following tips will help you to get implants at an affordable rate:

Comparison Shopping

For you to get the best rates, it is advised that you visit different dentists to get their quotes and a detailed breakdown of the cost. You will need to inquire if the cost includes consultations, imaging, anesthesia, modeling, materials (crown) and the actual surgery. It is also important to ask if they offer additional procedure like bone grafts and sinus lifts.

Implant procedures are not performed by just dentists alone as other dental professionals like periodontists and oral surgeons are also certified to carry out this procedure. The knowledge of this should guide you in consulting with them to get quotes as they might have different offers. That said, be sure to make a choice based on your budget.


The cost of getting dental implants varies from one region to another but you can achieve the best cost if you consider different geographical areas. Dentists who have their facilities in urban centers charge higher as they have to cover their cost of living and other overhead costs that rub off on the fees they charge their patients. On the other hand, dental professionals in smaller towns do not have high overhead costs and the cost of living is relatively affordable and this might also make the fee more affordable.

Travel Abroad

You can take the search for an affordable dental procedure abroad. Going on dental tourism is now a popular option for people who are searching for affordable dentures. Developing countries like Costa Rica, Hungary, Mexico, and other Asian destinations offer very affordable treatments for a percentage of the rates patients are charged in developed countries such as the United States, the UK and Canada.

This will come in handy if your case is not severe, like crown placement and simultaneous implant. However, while you may be able to save some money if you go abroad, traveling for denture procedures should be done with caution. Try to research more on the reputation and credentials of the prospective dentist to know if they are qualified.

You can read more about dental tourism here to know which destination suits your budget and needs.

Schools of Dentistry

This is another good option that comes at a good cost. You can participate in a dental impact program held annually in a school of dentistry. The programs are a platform for recent graduates of school of dentistry to gain practical experience with the supervision of competent dental surgeons.

There are schools that offer this service specifically to low income members of the society. One downside is that it takes long as a result of the numerous patients they attend to during the course of the program. When you finally undergo the procedure, it comes at a good cost and usually turns out fine as work done at a school of dentistry is carefully done.

Charitable Societies and Dental Societies

Some dental societies and charitable organizations occasionally organize events where they offer discounted or free care for patients who cannot afford the cost of a denture implant.

You can take advantage of this opportunity if you can wait for such programs to come up in your town. Most times, they are organized at a national or regional level to have a wider reach of patients.

If you want to find out more on how to get a free or low-cost dental work done, you can check here:

These are the few options that can help you save cost when you need implants, although you can still check out some other options that might be applicable in your area.


When you feel like your confidence level in public is being affected by your dentition, then having denture implants will be a good way to regain your confidence while also wearing a beautiful smile that attracts people.

You might be discouraged by the high cost of getting this done by dental professionals but it is important to explore the alternatives that listed in this article. You can start the process with a little research on the options as applicable in your specific area.

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