iMedix is a website that combines social networking with healthcare to allow patients to find and connect with people facing similar health-related issues as themselves.  Users create profile pages with tags relevant to their interests to inform the site’s search engine, and search results can be voted on in order to help the site learn more about your preferences over time.

I signed up for iMedix to see what I think of the site as a health resource. It has a search engine but I prefer using Google. The benefit of iMedix to me seems to be the ability to answers questions, ask questions, and browse and view other’s people’s questions on health topics that you are interested in. It is kind of similar to Yahoo Answers. Users also receive a rating from 0 stars to 5 stars on how helpful they are to other users.

imedix screen shot - iMedix

The problem with iMedix is that I did not see anything on dental issues. There was and is no discussions on wisdom teeth, teeth cleaning, dentists, nothing. Although these topics were available in the search engine.

However, there are many other health topics that are important, such as issues on depression and headaches. I think iMedix could help answer questions people may have about their health while providing them with a sense of community. However, the advice is all based on other patients and thus is not from a doctor.

If anyone has any experience with using iMedix I would be interested to know your opinion.

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  1. Thanks for the excellent post. I enjoyed reading it as I’m the co-founder of iMedix and always looking to improve our site and help more people. I agree with you that we need to improve our dental categories. I’d love to talk to you and learn more about your feedback. have you tried to ask a few questions about dental problems. I think our community is big enough and supportive enough to answer most of you questions and direct you towards the right direction. My email is I’d love to talk to you at your convenience.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. I think iMedix has been around since 2007, it was first in alpha stage, now in beta. I just found iMedix last week so I have not had the chance to contribute to any dental discussions yet.

  3. i followed your post with many hopes but i got to say i was deeply disappointed. i mean the UI is really beautiful and the idea is great, but the content and search results are no better than any second rate search engine – nothing to make me leave google. i also tried talking to a few of the members that were listed as online they either ignored me or were not really online. the only girl that responded was an imedix employee working from Israel. she was nice but really didn’t know much about health looks more like a paid greeter.
    i truly think there is room for this sort of site but i think they are not there yet.

  4. David, I said I would not leave google either in my post. The search engine is rather poor.

    The main benefit to the search is the ability to see community members and related questions asked in the community about the keyword you are searching for.

    Also I now see a few dental questions.

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