Physicians for A National Health Program

While I have linked to the Physicians for a National Health Program before I don’t think I have discussed their website and ideals in any significant way.

For those not familiar Physicians for a National Health Program abbreviated PNHP says they are at the “forefront of research and action for a single-payer national health program.” This is for the United States.

The website features articles of interest that are updated daily. For example a recent article posted is titled “Forum probes health care.” In the article there is a quote by Nick Egnatz, an activitist, “There’s something wrong with a system that doesn’t take care of everyone.”

PNHP also features a blog that is also updated quite frequently with posts of interest. Much of the site that is updated daily is managed by PNHP’s Senior Health Policy Fellow Don McCanne, M.D. who does a great job.

For those who are not sure what to think about the new health reform bill signed by President Obama recently I recommend they take a look at a press release issued by PNHP a few weeks ago.  The press release discusses how 23 million will still remain uninsured nine years out. The press release also discusses how $447 billion in taxpayer money will be given to insurance firms to help the purchase of shoddy products. The press release of course concludes that “Only a single-payer plan can assure truly universal, comprehensive and affordable care to all.”

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