Raven Maria Blanco Foundation

I thought I would make a quick post here to make readers aware of the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation.

“The mission of RMBF is to increase the awareness of medical emergency preparedness in dental offices across the United States.”

The foundation has a focus on pediatric dental patients and came about due to an 8 year old girl named Raven Maria Blanco who passed away unexpectedly after having her teeth cleaned and calcium deposits removed by a general dentist. She was given an overdose of chloral hydrate.

The foundation released a Six Links of Survival Public Service announcement and has numerous dental and other partners. The foundation is headed by Mario Blanco and has teamed up with Larry J. Sangrik D.D.S.

You can view the Public Service announcement, some news segment features on Raven and the foundation, along with other patients who have unfortunately passed away after dental procedures performed at the new dental death videos page on this website.

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