Stem Cells Can Help Fight Inflammatory Disease

A recent study shows that stem cells found in mouth tissue can help relieve inflammatory disease. The stem cells studied are gingival mesenchymal stem cells (GMSC) which are found in gum tissue in the mouth. Similarly to other types of stems cells, GMCS develop into cells that effect the immune system.

The study found two differet types of GMSC: those that arise from the mesoderm layer of cells during embryonic development (M-GMSC) and those that come from cranial neural crest cells (N-GMSC).  The two types of stem cells vary substantially in their benefits. N-GMSC was found to be easier to change into other cells include neural and cartilage-producing cells. N-GMSC was found to have more of a healing effect on inflammatory disease. When the researchers transplanted N-GMSC into mice with dextrate sulfate sodium-induced colitis, which is an inflamed condition of the colon, it was found that the the inflammation was significantly reduced

The bottom line from this study is that stem cells found in gum tissue may have important applications to aid in disease and with health. The stem cells in the gum tissue may able to help in improving skin wound healing and helping to reduce scar formation. Of course any type of inflammation control is important in a variety of health conditions.

X. Xu, C. Chen, K. Akiyama, Y. Chai, A. D. Le, Z. Wang, S. Shi. Gingivae Contain Neural-crest- and Mesoderm-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Journal of Dental Research, 2013

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  1. Our gum cells can improve the wounds of our skin and also reduction of scars now that seems a great news.I hope it will progress real soon and it will be a good thing for mankind.

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