Wisdom Teeth Extraction Videos on Youtube to Promote Dental Practices

I found some interesting videos showing how a dentist extracts a wisdom tooth on youtube. While these videos may appear to be innocent, they actually are designed to promote the dentist’s office and practice. Even so they are informative for those interesting in learning more about wisdom tooth surgery.

The first video shows Jonathan H. Kim. D.D.S. who is a San Jose, California, dentist.

The second video shows Dr. Jerry Gordon who is a dentist in Bensalem, Philadelphia.

In the first video a woman has two wisdom teeth extracted. At the end of the video she says the surgery was painless and says that others should stop by.

In the second video a woman has an upper wisdom tooth that has been bothering her removed.  At the end of the video the woman says the surgery didn’t hurt and she didn’t feel anything.

While I appreciate the dentists showing the videos of how wisdom teeth are removed in the name of education, I wish they would have left out the whole bit at the end where the patient who just had the tooth extracted says she felt no pain. Unfortunately these videos appear to be marketing ploys by the dentists to attempt to get addition patients to their offices and have teeth extracted.

It is certainly possible the patients did feel pain and just didn’t say it because they got paid by the dentist or the dentist performed the surgery for free. Also they could be drugged up on medications and may feel pain when they go home or in the next few days. Many patients who have a wisdom tooth extracted will at some point feel pain. Why else would everyone who has a wisdom tooth extracted get pain medications prescribed by their dentist or oral surgeon or told to they can take something if they experience pain?

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