Wisdom Teeth Promotion and Marketing

I have previously talked about PBHS Inc. on this blog and website. They design many websites for oral surgeons and also help with branding and promotion.

I have some issues with them in that they provide websites with nearly identical content for oral surgeons to use http://blog.teethremoval.com/oral-surgeon-websites-similar-content/. Even so they do make quality videos on wisdom teeth although of course fail to disclose many of the more serious complications that can occur and the fact that no evidence thus far supports or refutes removing healthy disease free impacted wisdom teeth. http://blog.teethremoval.com/wisdom-tooth-extraction-video/

On PBHS Inc.’s website, on their third molar education and marketing plan section they say, while of course talking to oral surgeons and dentists

“Think about this: One –and only one– extra set of wisdom teeth per week will net you approximately $50,000 more annually. If you do one extra set of wisdom teeth a week for 10 years, your net worth will have increased over $500,000 after taxes (assuming 8.5% interest)! Three or four additional third molar patients every week will significantly impact your net worth.”

Clearly oral surgeons and dentists have financial and monetary incentives to extraction wisdom teeth. Unfortunately when patients go to a medical health professionals they often forget this. It is important to keep this in mind when assessing your health decisions along with the evidence and knowledge available.

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