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I wanted to let those know who might be new to teethremoval.com that a 10 question survey on wisdom teeth removal is ongoing. If you are a longtime visitor and have not yet taken the survey or are a new visitor to teethremoval.com I hope you can spare a few minutes of your time and click on the link below to take the survey on wisdom teeth extractions.


The survey is anonymous so your name and personal information will not be tied to the responses. Below are a few recent responses from the survey.  Thanks for your help! It makes a difference to those who may be considering have their wisdom teeth taken out.

Here is a recent survey response from a 29 year old woman who had 1 wisdom tooth removed who chose to elaborate on her wisdom teeth removal experience after completing the initial questions in the survey.

My lower left wisdom tooth had given me pain and infection twice in the past. During a flare-up of pain and infection, I went to the public dental hospital and the dentist suggested pulling the tooth. I asked what the possible complications were and he merely said that there are only two very rare possible complications: nerve damage causing numbness in the jaw or nerve damage causing an altered sense of feeling in the jaw. Counting those as my only possible hazards, I decided to have the pull. I was not given anti-biotics and was not told of any other possible complications, even when I failed to bleed at all (which I now know is the main cause of dry socket). I was not given pain killers and was sent home. The pain was intense and severe and the complications were many, including dry socket, infection to the socket, a bruised jaw from the excessive force used during the pull (in which the dentist held my lower jaw with one hand while pulling the tooth out with dental pliers with the other hand), muscle spasms along my jaw that resulted in a massive hard lump which prevented me from opening my mouth for two weeks, TMJ pain (which I have had before but was triggered again by the pull), and a chronic ongoing ear ache and persistent headache (although I have no history of headaches in my past) as well as chronic ongoing stabbing pain in my left cheekbone. I went back to the dental hospital four additional times, and each time I was not told anything about these symptoms. I have had to learn about them from internet sources like this one. And I now have a great distrust and fear of the dental field which I did not have before.

Here is an additional recent wisdom teeth removal survey response from a 16 year old girl who had 2 wisdom teeth extracted.

I am a singer and sinus complications have severely impacted my life. I have had one sinus surgery so far and am scheduled for a second one because of the sinus complications from my wisdom teeth removal. I’ve had constant sinus infections for over 2 yrs now.

If you are interested in seeing some additional previous survey responses, please view a  previous post on this blog regarding this wisdom teeth extraction survey.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth Surgery Survey”

  1. Could feel your pain by reading your post. I had one of mine taken out today, and i can honestly say it was the most horrific experience of my life.
    I’m surprised the dentist didn’t fracture my jaw with the amount of force she was using.

  2. Those side effects are so unfortunate. I got my wisdom teeth removed right after high school, and I never had any side effects, but it seems like it can really cause some damage if done inappropriately or unnecessarily.

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