Successful and Positive Wisdom Teeth Removal Experiences

In the past I posted survey respondent elaborations of their wisdom teeth removal experience that were negative as in the outcome was not what they were expecting.

For some of these you can see and

If you have a spare few minutes please complete the wisdom teeth removal survey I have created which is linked to below.

Below are some survey responses of those who have had positive wisdom teeth extractions. All ages given are at the time of surgery.

A 23 year old female who had 2 wisdom teeth removed says

For me, the worst part was the “laughing gas”. Other than that, I have had no bleeding post-surgery, almost zero swelling, and have not needed to take any pain medication beyond Advil.

A 48 year old male who had 4 wisdom teeth removed says

after surgery my sinus problems improved.

A 31 year old female who had 3 wisdom teeth removed says

It went better then I expected, because my wisdom teeth were erputed and it made easier to access them. The oral surgeon didn’t have to cut my gum and bones. Afterwards there were some bleeding I knew that ahead of time. The worst part was when the novocaine wore off, I could still feel the injections where he injected the novocaine, but in time that feeling wore off. I had mild pain a few days afterwards, over the counter pain meds were all I need. My face swelled up some, that was expected. My jaw ached for over a week but the over counter pain meds helped again. The sockets are filling in now, it’s been months since the extraction and so fare I am doing fine.

A 19 year old male who had 4 wisdom teeth extracted says

I had absolutely no problems with my surgery, my doctors were excellent and well educated on the procedure, I had no complications from the surgery, and I never had any pain after the surgery. I honestly did not think there were any problems (besides the probability of error when administering anesthesia) until seeing this site. Also, I trusted my doctor and am very happy I had mine removed.

A 34 year old female who had 2 wisdom teeth extracted says

I am glad that I have them removed because it was causing problems like ear, neck and back pains including chest pains.

A 20 year old male who had 4 wisdom teeth removed says

It was quick and somewhat painful, under 40 minutes. The top wisdom teeth were removed easily without any pain while the bottom wisdom teeth hurt as they were drilled out. I did the surgery awake with just Novocaine shots. The shots were extremely painful. After the surgery, I didn’t experience really any bleeding as it stopped within a day. I didn’t experience too much pain afterward, and by a week later I feel close to normal again plus I can eat normally again.

A women who had 4 wisdom teeth removed and was 22 at the time says

I was so much in pain before my extraction that anything would have been a relief. I was not sedated or put out for fear of not waking up. I heard every crunch sound imaginable, but did not feel a thing. I must have had a great surgeon!!!!!! No nausea from the sedative I didn’t have, so things went well. That was over 20 years ago and know things have come a long way since. Don’t FEAR!!!!
Everything will be OKAY!!!!!!

A women who had 2 wisdom teeth removed and was 40 years old at the time of surgery says

My wisdom teeth had grown in completely, with no complications almost 20 ago. Dentists had suggested throughout the years that I have them removed and I took the stand that if there was nothing wrong with them and they weren’t hurting anything, I was going to keep them. I saw no reason to have them removed just because they were inconvenient for them to clean. I made the deal with all of my dentists that if something happens with them, I will have them removed. Since then, I had a tooth removed on the bottom and thankfully, I had a wisdom tooth to take its place. The other bottom is impacted and if it rears it’s head, it’s going to be ugly. Dentists don’t want to touch it unless something happens. Recently I cracked one of the top ones and decided it was time to lose them. The procedure was painless. I had no swelling or bruising and I didn’t even have soreness the next day.

A women who was 17 at the time of having four wisdom teeth out says

I am glad I got my wisdom teeth out! I understand that the presence of wisdom teeth can lead to complications, such as pain, infection and neoplastic changes which are often completely unpredictable. Trying to manage this situation later in life is much more difficult than preventatively having your teeth removed at a young age. There is no question that the highest standard of care must be employed during the procedure from both an anesthesia and surgical technique standpoint. I agree that one must be informed of all the potential risks associated with wisdom teeth removal and must be able to make an informed decision, and it is up to the doctor doing the procedure to thoroughly provide this information.

A 19 year old female who had four wisdom teeth removed says

My oral surgeon was very comforting and explained the pros and cons that I could experience from undergoing the surgery. I had no complications and was happy to avoid issues that can occur from problem wisdom teeth later in life. I was informed that one of the main reason I suffered from no issues, other than moderate discomfort, was because I took preemptive action and removed them before the roots had completely formed; this prevents more serious complications such as holes to the sinus cavities and nerve damage.

A 27 year old female who had two wisdom teeth extracted says

I left my wisdom teeth in as long as possible before it started to adversely affect my health. Due to the angles they were in, I couldnt properly clean them and they had decayed to the point where it was risking my health. My surgeon made me sign waivers that I was informed of all the risks, after explaining them of course, and I felt as though I was properly informed. I did however do my own research online anyway. I only had my 2 top wisdom teeth come in. The lowers never formed I guess. Never showed up on the xrays. Anyway, I had been given twilight sedation and it was wonderful. I went to sleep, didnt feel anything and dont remember anything, woke up and I was fine. Didnt need any pain medication. No pain, no (noticable) swelling. One was a surgical extraction and one was impacted. I had both teeth saved and the amount of decay is frightening. One is cracked in half from decay and the nerve exposed. That explains the pain I had felt! The other is missing a good part of the tooth. I’m on day 4 and so far no pain or problems.

A 17 year old female who had four third molars extracted says

It was fine. I’ve pretty much had orthodontic work done on my mouth all my life due to a massive overbite, VERY crooked teeth, teeth growing in over top of each other, and not enough room in my mouth for teeth that weren’t in correctly. This was a very long, painful, and EXPENSIVE process, but I now have a beautiful and healthy smile and have no problems talking or eating or anything. However, having my wisdom teeth come in would have undone all that, due to there not being enough room in my mouth and also due to them coming in crookedly. I do suffer from loud pops on both sides of my jaw whenever I open my mouth more than half-way now, but it doesn’t hurt, and having my wisdom teeth taken out saved me a lot more pain and money in the long run and kept my smile beautiful. People have to understand that EVERY surgery involves risk, no matter how common, and they need to decide for themselves in every case of surgery whether the benefits outweigh the costs and potential risks.

2 thoughts on “Successful and Positive Wisdom Teeth Removal Experiences”

  1. I’m 36 and I put my wisdom teeth extraction thing on hold for 16 years!! I was terrified, scared and nervous about the whole thing. It wasn’t till the past 3 years that the bottoms started bothering me and every time this would happen I would have a mini panic attack knowing of the possibility of siting in the dentist chair getting each one of them yanked out! And I had never been put under and I’m a control freak and I over analysis everything, so being put under freaked me out!!
    Anyways on new years day I was in so much pain that I decided enough is enough stop being a whip you’re 4 years away 40, grow up! Get this over with and get on with your life! All my wisdom teeth had cavities and two bottom ones were impacted. 2 weeks later from new years I walked into the oral surgery….let me tell you I was nervous wreak..I wouldn’t stop talking to the assistants (sign of my nerves) the dentist walked in..ok lady time to take them out! He put a oxygen mask on my nose…I started getting jumpy..I told him I’m clastrophoic…he said look u need to relax..I don’t know what came over me I got emotional..j started to get teary eyed the laughing gas started..and soon enough the iv got started. ..a wave of sleepless came over me…and that was the end of my nerves…I was no longer in control…and d didn’t want to anymore….I dropped both my hands on the side..I was out….
    I woke up and it was done! Honestly no got up from the chair no dizziness…ingot walked back to the car with my mom with no.assistance..Ingold you’re reading this please don’t be scared..ingoylfts over in s flash…the worst part is thinking over again and again whether to take them out..and living with that anxiety is not good..
    Good luck to everyone you’ll be fine!!!

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