Management for an Ectopic Wisdom Tooth

One of the medically necessary valid reasons that the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons gives for removal of a wisdom tooth is if it is in an ectopic position. So the question is what exactly is the ectopic wisdom tooth and what should one do about it? In the article titled “Removal of ectopic mandibular third molar teeth: literature review and a report of three cases” written by Ahmed and Speculand appearing in Oral Surgery in 2012 (vol. 5, pp. 39-44) discussion is made of a literature review of ectopic wisdom tooth along with three cases of lower ectopic wisdom teeth. In the article titled “Ectopic wisdom tooth in the condyle area” written by Mourouzis et al. appearing in Oral Surgery in 2011 (vol. 4, pp. 194–196) discussion is made of an upper ectopic wisdom tooth in a … Read more

Infected Wisdom Tooth Leads to Coma In Young Woman

As has been covered before on this site, wisdom teeth extraction can lead to complications that can be life-long and lasting. On the other hand keeping wisdom teeth and not having them removed can also lead to risks and life-long problems. A recent case of this occurred in a woman who was 23 years old at the time she developed problems. The woman developed a rash and flu-like symptoms. A few days after this her tongue and throat began to swell and this blocked her airways. She was then taken to the emergency room at a hospital where doctors began to investigate. There her blood pressure dropped rapidly and doctors put her in a coma for nine days to try to determine what was going on. After several tests the doctors determined the woman was suffering from Ludwig’s angina which … Read more

Dental Drills Leading to Thermal Burns

In the past a discussion of thermal burns occurring after dental procedures and in particular wisdom teeth removal has been made. In one post it was highlighted how such thermal burns can lead to teasing and unwanted nicknames. A few other cases of thermal burns are discussed on the wisdom teeth removal complications page. In the past a discussion has also been made about how search engines including Google and Bing present differing results for the keyword “thermal burn wisdom teeth” in their image searches in the post titled The Search Engine Battle: Are you Paying Attention?. Since that article was published in late 2013 and it is now 2020, over 6 years have passed and as such revisiting this is warranted. In the past in late 2013, Google had ineffective results for the keyword “thermal burn wisdom teeth” in … Read more

Auctioning Off Wisdom Teeth: How Much Money Can you Make?

It has been discussed before on this site how in some cases it may be beneficial to save your wisdom teeth if you have any of them extracted. Many companies offer the option to have your wisdom teeth stem cells cryogenically preserved for a fee. This has been discussed in the post Storing Wisdom Teeth Stem Cells. Companies such as Stemodontics have technicians crack open a tooth, remove the pulp, and then remove the stem cells. Patients are willing to pay such companies a fee based on the hope that these stem cells one day can be used to to help with dental and bone repair although this is not currently a process that can be utilized. However there may also be a different reason to save wisdom teeth: just plain money. A wisdom tooth of Edward VIII, the former late … Read more

Risks of Keeping Wisdom Teeth: Infected Wisdom Tooth Removal Leads to Sepsis

Recently a case of a 25 year old woman from England who developed an infected wisdom tooth has been reported. The woman had the infected wisdom tooth removed in December 2018 after repeated infections had developed. Unfortunately the surgery was eventful and the woman developed complications. Two days after the extraction the woman was not able to hold down any food nor any water. She was urged to go to a hospital by a doctor and spent four days at a hospital. While at the hospital she went into septic shock and was diagnosed with sepsis. She was given intravenous antibiotics and liquids. It was believed that when the wisdom tooth was removed the infection that was present went into her bloodstream. When she was released from the hospital the woman was given six different medications to take. Roughly six … Read more