In Light of the Allegations of Child Sex Abuse at Penn State…

By now I am sure everyone has at least heard that Joe Paterno has been fired as the head coach of the Penn State college football team due to child sex abuse allegations made against one of his former assistant coaches.

As discussed a few times on this blog and as indicated as a potential unfortunate risk of having wisdom teeth extracted there is the possibility of being sexually assaulted while under anesthesia to have wisdom teeth removed.

As expanded on and discussed at many of the drugs that dentists and oral surgeons give during the surgery can cause in rare instances sexual hallucinations. This means that it is possible for no repercussions and/or loss of license and/or jail time to occur and it can be difficult to distinguish between dreams and actual molestation in the court of law.

In one recent case discussed on this blog in 2009, at,  17 women accused an oral surgeon of sexual assault while he was performing surgery on them. The judge ruled that the women “thought” they were sexually assaulted due to the drugs that there were on and that no real sexual abuse occured.

In other cases of sexual assault occurring during dental procedures there have been clear cut cases of sexual abuse. In one case in 1999, a box full of Polaroid pictures of anesthetized semiconscious and blindfolded girls were found at a dental office. The pictures showed roughly around 15 young girls performing oral sex on the dentist.

Recently in the movie Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston plays the character of Dr. Julia Harris, D.D.S., who is a  sexually-deprived dentist. Here is a photo from a scene in Horrible Bosses.

sex deprived dentist jennifer aniston - In Light of the Allegations of Child Sex Abuse at Penn State...

In 1996, a movie titled She Woke Up Pregnant was released.  The movie is about a dentist who sexually assaults his patients while they are under anesthesia to have surgery. In one of the cases one of the women becomes pregnant.

If you plan to have surgery at a dental or oral surgeon’s office make sure that nurses or other chaperones are present for the procedure so that sexual assault can be distinguished from a sexual hallucination if it were to unfortunately occur.

Source: Roger Hensley. Did Paterno deserve to get fired over allegations? November 10, 2011

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